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NFPA 1001

High Rise Fire Fighting

1 - 5 April  2022

5 Days


$2,500 per delegate



 Standard identifies the minimum job performance requirements for firefighters at High Rise Incidents.



To ensure that persons meeting the requirements of this Standard who are engaged in Firefighting in High Rise Incidents are qualified.



To produce firefighters who meet the requirements of NFPA 1001 at High Rise Incidents and are job ready.



Firewise NFPA 1001 High Rise Firefighting Operations is a 5 day program and on line learning consisting of theoretical and hands-on field application training. Training is conducted through student application, operational classes, field exercises and scenarios. This program meets or exceeds all requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1001 and provides the candidate with required knowledge and skills to obtain an NFPA 1001 – High Rise Firefighting Operations certification.



Current Basic Firefighting 5th Edition



IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting 5th Edition



Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify a High Rise (Residential / Commercial)

 2. Identify different types of stairs and how they affect response

 3. Identify the equipment required for High Rise Fires.

 4. Describe elevator operations at a High Rise incident

 5. Identify the 3 P’s of High Rise Firefighting

 6. Explain the stack effect and how weather effects High Rise Operations

 7. Identify and operate Fire alarm Panel and EVAC system

 8. Describe and demonstrate how to safely fight a High Rise fire

 9. Identify and describe sectoring at a High Rise incident.

 10. Identify and describe Pump Operations at a High Rise Incident

 11. Identify and describe ventilation procedures at a High Rise Incident

 12. Describe the responsibility of Incident Command at a High Rise Incident

 13. Identify additional resources required at a High Rise Incident




1. Skills test are a Pass or Fail and must be successfully achieved in order to pass this component and received certification

2. The Final exam is worth 50% of the overall grade