Insignia-ISC is proud to offer its customers the services and expertise of its highly qualified experts with vast international experience backed up with strong and updated theoretical background.  Majority of our experts are bilingual, which gives us the chance to deliver our programs for highly diverse auditorium. At Insignia-ISC Training, the learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in the workplace. To ensure this, we base our training on learning principles that optimize behaviour and improve performance.


The learning effect also heavily relies on how messages are delivered and if they are deemed trustworthy by the receiver. This is why we strongly believe that people working in the operation need to be trained by instructors that have operational experience and hence know the reality of the trainees’ working environment. Hence, all our instructors have not just strong theoretical backgrounds, but also vast practical experience.


Our instructors learn to be superb teachers – experts in active learning. In classes and field trips around the world, they provide an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for oil and gas professionals throughout the industries.


Our experts/instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver “a better learning experience” for our customers. We train to help our esteemed customers achieving their targets learning and development.


Most of our experts have or at least one post-graduate degree (majority with a Ph.D degree) and more than 15-20 years of practical experience in their fields of expertise.


Our experts have the required qualifications and experience to design and/or customize any training program or even training plan for any of our clients to fit their needs, capabilities and expectations.